FTC offers solutions which bring visible, immediate results, by providing our clients with the expertise and skills they need to make them valuable assets to their companies. Training your staff results not only in enhanced self-esteem, but in less turnover, less reliance on outside consultants and ultimately, substantial savings to your company. An investment in quality training provides an asset to your company; a capable, confident employee. Our instructors and course developers are a group of experienced, enthusiastic professionals. They all have many years of training and work experience in the corporate world. Training needs analysis is an essential first step in any development program in order to achieve the greatest improvement in performance and best value for your investment in training and staff development. We can help you identify and assess your competencies in terms of personal effectiveness, managing communications, managing people, effective directorship and corporate culture and IT skills. Thus we can develop the most suitable approach for a particular individual or the whole organization.

A successful factory certification program has the potential to eliminate duplication of auditing efforts, which can happen when responsibility for monitoring falls to the brands, as many factory manufacture for more than one brand. Each brand producing in a factory may monitor the factory and if the brand belongs to another organization such as the Fair Labor Association, additional monitoring may be performed. Factory Certification could reduce such unnecessary duplication.


FTC Training Portfolio

1 Quality & Occupational Health & Safety
2 Environment
4 Soft Skills Managerial Trainings
Based on our training portfolio, FTC offer training solutions designed around the needs of the Client. There are numerous courses that we deliver frequently, but on instances where we don’t have a regular course, we send you an outline and upon your approval, we design course according to your specific needs. FTC would send its best professionals with extensive experience on Management and Professional Development services to conduct requested courses. Courses can be designed in house / on-site. Besides our own team, we have associations with best trainers available in Pakistan.

Some of the features of our training programs are as follows

1 Interactive Participation 2 Instructor lead Discussion
3 Instructor lead Presentation
4 Instructional videos / Case studies
5 Group Discussion
6 Sub group Discussion
7 Brain Storming
8 Group Exercises
9 Role Plays
10 articipants Presentation
11 Motivational Techniques
First time in Pakistan, we offer webinars / online workshops through state of the art video conferencing / online training solutions by foreign experts on all our areas of expertise. Why not benefit from foreign expertise, at a fraction of cost than to invite expert in Pakistan. And in most cases the best talent/trainer refuses to visit Pakistan on security concerns.

We Can Help

As experienced Training Consultants, we are able to train businesses and individuals because our training is tailored to your needs, we can help you whatever is your requirement. To request current training calendar or to discuss your particular training needs, please feel free to Contact us.