Future Tech works alongside clients to recruit staff across a diverse range of professions and roles. The services commissioned range from recruitment advertising to a fully managed service, including psychometric testing and personality profiling. Executive and management hiring decisions can mean the difference between growth and decline, success and failure. Finding an executive or management candidate who is not only qualified, but is also the right fit for your organization is critical to your success. Future Tech approach is designed to provide you with the candidates that best match your organization. Our methodology helps to accomplish this with the following steps:
1 Familiarize ourselves with your corporate culture and organizational structure.
2 Work with you to develop a job description and determine the position’s role within the organization.
3 Analyze the marketplace as it pertains to the position and develop and implement strategic recruiting techniques.
4 Assess prospective candidates.
5 Assist you in selecting the best candidate, preparing a competitive compensation package and negotiating the deal.
We go beyond helping you hire the right candidate - we take into account the need for follow-up. We stay in contact to help make the transition smooth and address any post-hire issues. Future Tech Experts are well versed in Employment laws and trends in Pakistan. With our diverse experience and access to a talent pool, we have the resources to help you improve your hiring decisions. Working with us not only saves your time, but also gives you the confidence in knowing you've selected the right candidate for the long term.


Supporting clients with HR management Engaging, Developing and Retaining Talent

Retained Services

Our clients come to us for retained and outsourced services because they know that we can deliver a model that suits their needs and fits with their individual hr agenda. We provide services on retainer ship basis besides undertaking HR functions on outsourcing basis for our clients. Our retained services cover all areas of our business practice, including employee resourcing, reward, relations and development, and can be tailored to match your specific needs, whatever the scale, from telephone and e-mail correspondence to planned site visits right through to the full outsourcing of an hr function.

HR Out Sourcing

1 Maintaining Global Human Resources Standard
2 Without HR Manager
We have developed an effective model for providing our smaller clients with outsourcing HR Management. This is highly cost effective for small and medium size enterprises. The HR outsourcing formula works because growing businesses needs a full range of Human Resources management expertise but marinating the full range of Human Resources services is not cost-justified. We can provide you a full range of high quality, HR outsourcing services of international standards in fraction of the cost. This is just like having your own HR Manager, but without the salary and overheads. We offer you with expert support in all aspects of human Resource Management such as Recruitment and selection, Drafting of Employment contracts and HR Policies. Advice on Employee Relations, Performance Management , settings targets and goals, Training and Development, Employee Motivation and Retention, Compensation and Benefits, Corporate Culture, Job Evaluations The HR outsourcing services are integrated with an in house administrator, or if a volume of work justifies it, a part time HR executive who can be employed by us or by client.

Human Resource Development


The People excellence is sustainable competitive advantage for organizations and have major impact on pace of growth and profitability of the organization. People development strategies of the companies are based on future business planning and strategic direction of the company. We offer facilitation services for training need assessment and making people development strategies to support future strategic plan of the company. Tailor made issue based in house trainings are designed to cater people development needs of the organization.